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Made in 48h for Ludum Dare #35 compo.

You play as Blackula the Vampirate. Choose which form you wish to take to attack ships, recruit new ghuls, regerate life & plunder pieces O' eight.

Published Apr 17, 2016
TagsLudum Dare 35, Pirates, Vampire


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Nice little game, I really like it. Only it feels a bit pointless right now. It would be nice for instance if you could do something with those pieces of eight, like recruiting more crew when you happen to have full coffers but poor luck in battles. The stakes should also be a little bigger -- a little more potential gains and losses for each battle. Mind if I ask what if anything it's inspired from?


Thanks for feedback! I made the game in less than 48h, so I tried to keep it simple with only 3 possible actions, but that made this 'game' a bit pointless indeed... I don't think I'll go further on this project but I like your ideas. About inspiration: I'm a huge fan of Monkey Island!